This year’s summer was kicked off by the annual Summer Commencement. TCU celebrated a milestone for the class of 2021. Ray Katsumi in his Valedictorian speech summarized the experiences in TCU as follows:

“What I have learnt during these four years in TCU is a lot. I have studied theology, biblical exegesis, missiology, and many other related subjects but more importantly my time at TCU has been a precious time of reflection. TCU gave me the opportunity to enrich understanding of myself, of God and of my relationship with Him. To understand who I am as an individual and as a Christian and to understand what kind of person I want to become as l move forward. These are the things l have learnt at TCU.”

We wish you the best Yulianti, Roshan, Leah, Koryn and Ray in the next chapters of your life. As TCU encourages, we hope you will continue to Stand in the Gap and share Christ’s peace in broken spaces wherever you go. 



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