BBQ and babies day out.

On September 24, the AAA (Acts-es Alumni Association) hosted a BBQ welcoming the freshmen who joined in the ACTS-ES program this August. It was a perfect way for both current and ACTS alumni to get to know each other better. The alumni shared some of their experiences in TCU and gave advice and insight on how life in Japan after graduation looks like. We also enjoyed basking under the warm sunshine and the cute kids running around the trees, some wrecking havoc made us smile. 

Here are some of the moments:




Welcome class of 2022!

It’s a new Acts-es year, meet the students joining our family…



Hey! I’m Tyler Hennig. I am 21 years old and I am from British Columbia, Canada! I like Rock Climbing and Skateboarding and I love Japan! よろしく!#papabless #westcoastbestcoast


’m Aika Heavenly and I’m half Japanese and Ethiopian. My hobbies are dressing up but my favourite hobby is praising God and having devotions. My favourite bible verse is Psalms 16:8 for I won’t be shaken when God is at my right hand. My vision is Jesus #loveGod ❤️


Hi, I’m Piyush Bali from North West India. I love music and worshipping God through my music, I like helping others and especially helping people to worship God with music. I also like teaching music a lot. For me teaching Christian music to non-Christians is an opportunity to give the gospel (that is my approach). I am a jolly and happy person who likes to make others happy. #ItsAllInTheMusic


Hello! My name is Daphne Snover, and I’m from Pennsylvania, U.S. I enjoy playing and listening to music whenever I have the chance to, and I love exploring and trying new things with friends. My motivation to come to Japan came from Romans 10:14-15, and I can’t wait to see what God will do here in the next few years! #excited


Hi, I’m Stabiso Shumba. I’m from Harare Zimbabwe. I enjoy new experiences. If I’m to describe me in two words that would be, ‘fun focused’. #behappy

IMG_2687 2

My name is Roman Bickel, I’m from Shizuoka prefecture. I’m half American half Japanese. I love to travel and being outdoors. #lifeisanadventure


Hi, I’m Bianca Virtudazo and I’m a Filipino but I was born and raised in Japan. I love capturing God’s beautiful creation through photography and I also love spending time with my family and friends. #GodFamilyFriendsLove


Hello, I’m Bob Ninda Kombe. I’m from Zambia. I love music, (I’m a HUGE Christian rap fan), I enjoy reading a good book and have a passion to communicate God’s Truth. #LetLoveLead