Spring retreat (2018) at Yamanashi 県


Being able to get away from the daily pressures of campus life and to have time away with mates was undeniable the most refreshing experience. Yamanashi-ken gave us so many things to enjoy. The breathtaking view of mt. Fuji from Evergreen hotel, the hospitality, adventures in the woods, fastest roller coasters at FujiQ, paranomic ropeways from the mountaintop giving us a beautiful view of the lake, boat riding, Onsens, fishing,    matcha ice cream, movies, historic sites, all too many to mention, all unforgettable. it was also a time of devotion, singing together, listening to the Word, eating together and not to forget, showcasing our God-given talents through live-in performances. It was a surreal experience! and also lived up to the theme of the retreat, KOINONIA!!