Spring semester is going by very fast. So fast that by the third week we were ready for a break. Thank goodness for the timely Golden Week, these clusters of Japanese national holidays did live up to the name. We were due for a break. 

Immediately after the break, because of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) we stalked a few students to see what they were up to during Golden Week. For the Seniors this was the last golden break before graduation, while on the extreme end, for the freshman, it was the start to the many golden breaks during the semester.

I had a set schedule of what l was planning on doing for Golden Week, “Study” but then God sent me on a different path. I found myself spending more time catching up with my family. This was refreshing and relaxing. I am happy that my plans were interrupted. God needed me to sit down, enjoy the campus and recharge, if you know me, I am a busy energetic bee. ~ Max (freshman)

Glory (Freshman)

Rest is all I had been thinking about since this semester started. I wanted to wake up late in the day and not have to think about logging into class or dashing off for lunch. My first Golden week was golden; I spent it basking in the sun!

Leah (Senior)

I spent my golden week relaxing. As a senior with a thesis due in 2 weeks, I should have been focusing on writing but instead I focused on myself. I am happy I took the time I needed to take care of myself before wrecking my brain and body heading towards the final weeks of thesis submission and the final weeks of my TCU life. This timeout brought more clarity for my future and the upcoming life-changing events as well, so while being relaxed in the midst of chaos, I grew stronger mentally and spiritually. 

As students, having a holiday during the semester is like having cake for breakfast. There is joy and a clear conscience for not attending class though we signed up to be in school. We will not publicly admit it, but we wish all our semesters came with a golden week!

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