Spring ようこそ! 

We are back on the TCU campus after adapting to online school in the last school year. Looking back, dreams came true for most of us. We joined class in pyjamas after rolling out of bed at least ten minutes before class started–nothing will ever beat that! Online school as the new normal allowed us to continue learning despite the many Covid restrictions. We optimistically hoped that Spring would carry with it more blessings. It did not disappoint!

   We have transitioned back to a few in-person classes with limited screens, but some classes are still online. There is a little bit of laughter in the hallways, in shokudou (cafeteria), and in the dorm. The big family is slowly but surely coming back to live together. We have taken a million tiny but wonderful steps into the new normal.


屋内, 座る, テーブル, ブルー が含まれている画像


Though we must wear a mask, l am glad to have classes together- Micky!

The dorms feel alive now that more students are on campus. The sun is out  and as this picture reveals, it is cleaning time! So not ready- Tyler!

屋内, 座る, 小さい, 部屋 が含まれている画像


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