Spring retreat (2018) at Yamanashi 県

Being able to get away from the daily pressures of campus life and to have time away with mates was undeniably a refreshing experience. Yamanashi-ken gave us so many things to enjoy. The breathtaking view of mt. Fuji from Evergreen hotel, the hotel staff's hospitality, adventures in the woods, fastest roller coasters at FujiQ, paranomic … Continue reading Spring retreat (2018) at Yamanashi 県

“Learning 日本語(Japanese)”: Andrew’s Experience

All international students at TCU, with exception of those who are already competent in Japanese, are required to take six Japanese courses, or eighteen credits, over the course of their first two years studying at TCU.  I happen to be in the intermediate level of Japanese with the second year ACTS-ES students.  We are currently … Continue reading “Learning 日本語(Japanese)”: Andrew’s Experience