It’s already October, but let’s meet the new ACTS-ES students who entered this year and see what they have to say about themselves!

My name is Kevin and I’m from Colorado, USA. I’m passionate about music, nature, and seeing people come together! I’m super thankful to be studying in Japan with amazing people! Let’s gooooo! :))

Hey! It’s Micky Cheng from Hong Kong. Though I am the eldest student in ACTS, my fitness age is at the excellent 20-year-old and that’s is the top 20% for my age and gender according to my fitness coach (the sport watch).  I enjoy Marathon running and hiking, it’s my best time to fellowship with God. #走よう!

I’m Yuya Fukusaku and I’m full Japanese but was raised in Vancouver, Canada since I was 1. I love sports and music, and I’m also a barber! I want to serve God as a pastor to reach out to those who have never heard the gospel before! #livetobelikejesus

There is also a transfer student!

Hi, I’m Karuna from Thailand.  I enjoy studying and doing new things.  Treating and taking care of the animals, and community development are one of my passions.  I have also recently been interested in missions in Japan and the world.  #nohashtagneeded!

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